Multi-faceted Rebranding

UpTrending, a silicon valley based digital design agency, offered several layers of support for clients from User Experience, Interface Design, Web and App Development, Social Media Management, and more. The 100% remote team quickly became the go to source for many clients needing to manage their online presence. As a resident designer, I worked alongside key stakeholders to rebrand the agency, capturing the energy and complexity of the business in conjunction with a full website redesign.
Where most agencies were featuring beautiful images of their work to validate their capabilities, we saw the webs presence as a digital experience, one that could grow with clients from first impression to brand advocate. For first-timers, we developed interactive elements alongside our work including impact statistics so they could begin to understand the intention behind our work. Once clients, the site would become the place for collaborative communication throughout the project.

Logo Iterations

A sampling of the logo exploration process.


Sub-Product Branding

Products of UpTrending were then branded to align with the broader style.

Digital Presence

The types of content layouts for various interactions throughout the website.

Our Differentiator

The About page included information about the process, the team, how we work, and the products we've developed to support our efforts.


The Work

The transition from work preview and work detail was an intentionally seamless design.


Our Capabilities

We featured our skill sets alongside the work that best showed them off.


Making Contact Easy

We developed two forms of contact depending on how much time or info the person was willing to give.