Hello 2015

What a year 2014 has turned out to be! The turn of a new page tends to bring out a healthy amount of reflection. For me, I can’t help but feel blessed at how far I’ve come in just a year (both personally and professionally) and a little surprised at what I’ve been able to accomplish.

In 2014, I kicked the year off by growing into a leadership role at a creative agency and building a stellar team of designers. I never thought I was much of a ‘leader’ but the opportunity showed me now just how much of a leader I could be but what kind of a leader I would choose to be. I’m continually humbled and inspired by the work and relationships that grew out of that moment in time.

2014 also marked one of the biggest, scariest, and ultimately most rewarding decisions I’ve made in my professional career. I made the leap (its no baby step, trust me) to 100% independent freelancing. I knew there would be ups and downs but for the most part, this year has been one huge up. I’ve gained some amazing new clients and new friends as a result of the projects I’ve been a part of. I’ve learned so much more about myself and my own skill-sets as a result of being self-dependent. I find myself asking with every project, “Can I really bring the most/best value to this project?”, “Is this project the right step?”, “How can I further this idea beyond beautiful visual design to something meaningful and lasting?”. I can’t help but wonder how 2015 will be different and push me further than last year. I really hope that a few things happen. I hope…

To start writing more.
I lack skill in this area for sure and I’d love to hone my skills while providing some useful information to others.

I fail…a lot.
If I’ve learned anything in 2014 (sometimes the hard way), it’s that failure can be a much more effective learning experience than succeeding all the time.

I influence change.
If some part of what I do goes beyond just design and marketing and has a ripple effect within an organization or even better, through the human experience of interacting with that business, than I’ve done my job well.

To get pushed out of my comfort zone.
This year I joined a Human Centered Design team and was absolutely, delightedly out of my comfort zone. It’s been my most rewarding experience of the year. I’m looking forward to the next one.

I could go on and on but those are the big ones. There are already some big milestones I’m looking forward to in 2015 like launching a new business! Oh yeah, it’s already in the works and although there is a lot to do yet, I know it will happen. I’m excited to share more about that soon! Here’s to making 2015 another year of many firsts, many trials, and many more rewards.


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