An Initiative for Community Impact

Design For Good, an initiative of AIGA since 2009, works to unite creative professionals and empower them to give their time and talents to solve foundational challenges within our own community. By using design thinking at an early stage, Design For Good West Michigan has profoundly impacted the building and sustainable growth of education, non-profits, businesses, technology, and so much more. Design For Good creates spaces where design can be discovered, discussed, understood, and appreciated. It’s the start of a ripple effect that revitalizes social causes and helps the community thrive.

My personal involvement with Design For Good began as a volunteer, participating in a weekend long event to solve the needs of local non-profit organizations. I became heavily involved in the years following, participating in strategic planning sessions in West Michigan, and working alongside fellow creatives to plan and implement conference-like events. Design For Good in West Michigan continues to grow in involvement and impact as designers play a greater role in business and design becomes central to how organizations start, grow, and sustain.

Photography by Alicia Magnuson and Adam Bird Photography. Videography by Parachute Productions.