A Redesigned Onboarding Experience

Flyreel, a video messaging app, enabled users to participate in video conversations from anywhere in the world. The app, well received by early adopters, lacked a broader community engagement as many disengaged from not knowing how to use the app and its features.
Focused on the onboarding component of the app experience, I worked with the Flyreel team to address the user experience of people downloading, registering, and beginning to use the app. Along with this came an incremental redesign that would signal change to existing users and simplify the learning curve for new users.

Logo Refresh

Flyreel already had brand recognition with their existing community of users so when addressing the logo redesign, we knew we didn’t want to establish a completely new direction. Instead, we opted to update the current logo, making slight adjustments like reducing the rounded corners, introducing a brighter color palette for logo and app, and updating the typography to a nice clean sans serif font.

The design system, including the logo refresh and the app redesigned elements, were then carried through the rest of the application for a consistent visual experience from entry to continued engagement within the application.