Designing A Future For An Evolving Identity

Challenge: How can the Images B identity set relationship expectations and support the experience of working with its people? It was clear that Images B was among a saturated landscape of studios and individuals that sell themselves as photographers, making it increasingly difficult to differentiate oneself on a good portfolio alone. Nurtured relationships and attention to detail on and off the job keep the phone ringing and Images B had this in spades.

When creating a new identity for Images B, we knew we had to make a transition from a brand developed around a single person to an identity that meant many; many experts with complimenting specialties, working in harmony towards the same goal. The Images B identity was designed to reflect this transition by reimagining what each client touch point looks like, feels like, and does, from the first introduction to the final deliverable hand-off. In practice, it stands for the things Images B does exceptionally well, trusted relationships built on high standards of craftsmanship.


Once a direction was chosen, we explored some more iterations of that logo style.



Additionally, we started to explore ways the mark could

be used moving forward, integrating some of the photography

and videography work of the clients.


Solid Color

Utilizing the Images B color palette, we explored various ways the mark could be shown in print or digital materials.

Abstract Imagery

We explored ways to include photography (potentially video in digital environments) into the mark.


Using photography from the portfolio shows the span of technical abilities from portraits to food, to furniture.

Stationary Communication Design

With a logo selected, the materials to complete the identity set could be developed.