Symonds & Son

Symonds & Son started as a father son development shop focused on delivering stellar back-end application solutions along with unrivaled customer service. Because of this focus, they soon grew to be a team of consultants (or rather, hired guns) with capabilities in spades. That’s where our partnership started. Symonds & Son was no longer a father son duo and needed a digital presence that could keep up with their growing business and client work.

Together,¬†we explored several messaging directions but ultimately resonated with the idea that their skill-sets are used in a way that traditional hands-on hard labor skills were, to craft lasting and purposeful tools. We used vintage drawn illustrations of 17th century style methods of blacksmithing and tool making to create an honest, authentic feel for the website. No one would call this group old school but they’re attention to detail and passion for doing things right, definitely are.